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Issue #008: 21 March 2014


New World Whisky Review

Edited by Dom Roskrow

My World of Whisky

There is a strong argument to say, as Tullamore DEW’s John Quinn did, that Ireland has no place for anything in a magazine called New World Whisky Review - not least because The Whisky in the title doesn’t have an ‘e’ in it.

To which I would say that it’s not a Review of Whisky from the New World, it’s a new version of World Whisky Review. And that the new wave of Irish craft distillers certainly have a place in the non-conformist revolution in world whisky.
Add to that the fact that it’s no secret that I have a great fondness for fine Irish whiskey, and I thought ‘it’s my newsletter, why the hell not’?

In this issue

If I am totally honest next week’s TRIBE Norwich has dominated my time this week and the newsletter was looking and feeling a bit lightweight. As I’ve been focusing on Ireland recently anyway, it seemed to make sense to give this issue a green hue. Then there was a flurry of late week activity and suddenly we have another all action issue.

When I say I’ve been focusing on Ireland recently, it seems I’ve not been focusing enough.
Indeed my cack-handed efforts have been somewhat over-shadowed by an email newsletter I received from a top blogger on Irish whiskey, Liquid Irish. I feel a bit like I just scored a flukey goal in a Sunday league match only to have Luis Suarez waltz on to the pitch and show everyone how it’s really done. I don’t know if his newsletter is a direct response to my efforts last week, but I totally bow to his in-depth knowledge. And I credit him totally for this week’s ‘resurgent Ireland’ feature.

But I would take issue with him on one thing. He says that West Cork Distillers mature spirit using oak but not in oak casks and it has an ‘interesting’ technique of adding flavour by steeping malted barley in the spirit. He concludes that technically these cannot therefore be described as Irish whiskeys.

Wrong. There’s no ‘technically’ about it - they are not Irish whiskeys period. And it is absolutely imperative that the recognised standards are maintained.

The Irish theme continues with my interview with Tullamore DEW’s John Quinn, who captures perfectly the excitement that Irish whiskey is generating, and includes a spirited defence of big international drinks companies. I’ve praised Diageo and Pernod Ricard in the past for their commitment to quality and I agree with everything that he says in this interview.

So an overdose on Ireland? Perhaps, but I’ve balanced it a little with an English story, and reviews of new whiskies from Australia, Belgium and Germany. As always your feedback would be welcome. Top O’ The Morning To You All.

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